2018 X-site計劃 提案

所謂「SUBTILE」,字面上的意思雖然是微小,但其實內涵並不小,連繫著無邊無際的感性世界_The 47th TAKEO PAPER SHOW
Although the word "subtile" refers to something that is minute, its implication is far from minute and connects to a boundless world of sensibilities. --The 47th TAKEO PAPER SHOW

we have created subtle gaps to trigger a wide spectrum of human feelings, connecting urban landscapes we pass by everyday with artistic influences. Gaps, temporarily absent during the museum's dormant period, serve as reminders of the important relationship between the fine art museum and life in the city.
Gaps subtly raised above the ground reflect the dim light and shadows of the city. In the fleeting moment of entry, one catches a glimpse of the boundless world within the gaps between the walls. Upon entry, the minute folding angles up above at the top of the walls reconnect the enclosed space with the world. We challenge and strive to awaken refined and subtle human sensory abilities to reacquaint with the ability of the art museum in catalyzing self-awareness to provoke fresh imagination and recognition.

LOCATION : 台北, 台灣CLIENT : 北美館YEAR : 2017STATUS : COMPETITIONPROGRAM : X-site 臨時空間TEAM : 簡志穎、蔡慈媛、周佳怡