Heart-Land Tzu-Yuan Tsai

In medical field, a heart transplant is regularly used to cure cardiopathy in order to continue a patient’s life. However, surgery offers associations of horror and bloody images to patients, making them feel nervous, scared and helpless. In order to improve this condition, patients need more positive and safe therapy rather than a heart transplant, namely the transplantation of a stem cell. The regeneration of stem cells helps the cardiac tissues to start its own regeneration and reconstruction. In addition patients undergoing stem cell therapy decide for themselves when it is to be done, rather than spending a long time waiting for an organ donation as in the case of a heart transplant. From this context, this project will use biological and medical issue as a mechanism to redesign the virtual viscera based upon the bio-architectural composites within the human body, focusing on a fluctuating variable of the hybrid space between real and virtual flesh components. During the design process, the individual mutation brings the prototype of the virtual viscera― defined here as the ‘Heart-Land’. Furthermore, the project will explore different levels and layers of the new bodyscape and hybrid space with a succession of experimental practices.

Heart-Land from Chihyin Chien on Vimeo.